So it’s the 1st of April and it already feels like it’s been the longest time since work finished, schools closed and COVID-19 took over conversations. In my house, we’ve already played many board games, read several books, baked, made some Tik Toks and done more exercise than normal just because we can. What’s been your lock down activity? 

I don’t know but in the midst of so many of these moments of my day or week, I can sometimes feel overwhelmed and completely out of control of what is happening. And even though there are fun things I’ve done, people I’ve chatted to etc, I’ve still had times where it’s felt strange and weird at where we have found ourselves. 

In these times, taking a moment, spending time with God, reading the bible, talking to someone your trust, messaging a friend, taking some time away from social media- these are all great things to do.

This week I listened to this song and wanted to share it. Maybe you’ve not felt overwhelmed at all- listen to it anyways and maybe you could share this song with a friend? I hope that in the midst of all the craziness today you find the peace and security that comes from knowing Jesus.