How is everyone doing? Today is probably a bit weird right – no school, being at home, not seeing your friends and the whole world talking about the same thing – Tik Tok… and Coronavirus. 

Most of us involved with The Higher Tour have been working from home for nearly a week, which for us means a lot of coffee and speaking to each other on Facetime. But one other thing we’ve tried to maintain as a department is reading the bible and praying on our own but also as friends.  

We think it’s super important to maintain the good habits of reading the Bible and prayer as much as creating new habits on FaceTime and working or studying from home. 

So we encourage you to see if you can come back here every day for some thoughts, an extract of the Bible to read through and a thought/challenge for the day. Let’s see if we can set an example of bringing light and hope to a situation that is super challenging for so many at the moment. 

Tomorrow we will start by going through the book of Luke from the Bible. Some of you will have a copy of this from our recent tours, but even if you don’t have a physical copy, you can check out this app if you don’t have a physical Bible. https://www.bible.com/app

Challenge for today – Who can you text/call/Insta message/Snapchat today to check-in and ask these questions? 

  1. How are you feeling today?
  2. Is there anything I can pray for?

See you back here tomorrow for some thoughts on Luke!