What’s your story?

Dan from Amongst Wolves

If I discovered a cure for cancer, I would tell as many people as possible. I wouldn’t be able to shut up about it because it would be some of the most important news the world could ever hear.

The good news is we have something even more important than the cure of cancer – the answer to life itself. Our world is broken and divorced from God, and the consequences lead to suffering and death. But I know that the cure has come in Jesus Christ – how could I keep silent?

The weight of this news drives me to tell everyone I know about it, as I desperately want my friends and family to share in this hope that I’ve found. Sometimes it can feel super awkward to bring up Jesus in a conversation, but I have found that people are often really open to talking about faith. In fact, more often than not my friends will even happily let me pray for them.

The more I share my faith, the more of a joy it has become. Sometimes people get it instantly, sometimes it takes years, and sometimes we never see the end result of our conversations – but I believe that God wastes none of our efforts and uses all of it to draw people back to him.

It’s never been our job to convince people, but simply to tell them the good news and then leave the rest to God.

Challenge for today: Take a moment in the sunshine to think and pray about who you would love to share this incredible news and truth of Jesus with. Then take another moment to come up with a plan of how you’ll share this with them today, it could be a phone call, FaceTime, text, in person. But let’s be people who speak truth today remembering it’s up to us to tell them and God who does the rest.