These last two weeks we have finished this round of Higher Life sessions by discussing what, how and why we share this good news we have in Jesus with others- our friends, family and those around us.

If you haven’t watched them already- check out these conversations below.

None of us is experts, still figuring it out along the way. But it’s important that you feel able to share the big things in your life with your friends and family, and if that includes your faith in God then these can be some helpful places to start.

Challenge- Could you start by talking to a friend or family member about what you believe? Or even practice one of the methods and bring it up with a friend?

We will be coming back with the revamped Higher Life content in September and so make sure to stay tuned on all our social media channels to find out when we’ll be back- in the meantime, all the bands’ usual YouTube content will still be going ahead.