What’s your story?

Gina from OTC

My passion for telling people about Jesus comes from the way he has repaired my life.

The Bible tells us that when we don’t know what to pray, God himself will pray on our behalf and work for our good. I’ve seen this throughout my life. When I was 12, I’d experienced a lot of brokenness. My mum and dad had a horrible breakup: I used to go to sleep every night to the sound of screaming and shouting, and then all of a sudden I was in a house with no dad. I began to self-harm and battle suicidal thoughts every day, and to make up for how worthless I felt inside, I’d be even crazier on the outside – going to parties, getting drunk to escape my real problems and never telling my family where I was. My life was a mess and I saw no reason to sort it out.

‘If I hadn’t heard the good news, who knows where I’d be right now’ I didn’t think I was worth fighting for.

But Jesus did fight for me, and over time the truth of how much he loves me began to speak louder than the lies I was letting myself believe. Jesus, the son of God, loved me enough to die for me on a cross to forgive my mistakes so I could experience life with God forever. When Jesus was dying he knew it was going to change the course of my life and that’s why he did it. Jesus is the loving, forgiving Saviour I so desperately needed and still need.

But only Jesus can really mend our brokenness. If I hadn’t heard the good news, who knows where I’d be right now. This is why I’m passionate about sharing it with others – I’ve seen how God has transformed my life for good and I know he wants to transform lives everywhere. So many people feel lost, hurt, or trapped, and they need to know the only way to a repaired life is through Jesus. He has the power to turn every dark situation around and the world needs to know it.