What is the Higher Life?

The Higher Tour was only the beginning. We believe that when you make a decision to follow Jesus, it changes everything about us and our lifestyle – we’re to live the Higher Life. Here’s what it means to start living this way and some first steps that will hopefully help you discover what this could look like for you.


You’re not on our own living the Higher Life, there are people all around you who can cheer you on and help you discover more about your new faith in Jesus.



It’s important not to figure this out on your own, and to know there are people, even in your school, who want to help and support you.

Our friends from your local church who came into your school as part of the Higher Tour are running groups that you can go along to. If you haven’t already – check out what is going on in your school.



When you think of the church we often think of a building. But it isn’t, it’s a community of people who have all, like you, chosen to follow Jesus. They come together to cheer each other on and grow in their faith by reading the Bible, praying, worshipping God and stepping out to show the world God’s love.

At your next group ask your leader more about their church and how you can go along and get involved.


Make sure to follow @thehighertour as well as all the bands on social media to keep up to date with what we’re doing, see behind the scenes of a tour and see find out more about what’s happening near you.

The Bible.

Welcome to the most amazing book on the planet!

Reading this book will help you connect with God, understand what he is like, and hear his voice as you walk on your journey with him.

The Higher Bible

The Higher Bible.

In the black cardboard wrap you were given at the gig you will find a small book entitled ‘Luke and Acts’. This is a great place to begin reading the Bible and finding out more about what the Higher Life looks like. But these are just two of the 66 books that make up the whole Bible and we’d love you to have a copy of this.

Get your free copy of the Higher Bible



You can also check out the Bible by downloading the YouVersion app on your phone.

Download youversion for ios Download youversion for android

Music and Merchandise.

Get music and merchandise from your favourite bands that you heard on the tour.



Listen to the Sound of Higher, a Spotify playlist where you’ll hear the latest music from the bands you saw during the tour.

Scan the barcode in the Spotify app.

Or listen online.




If you missed the chance to get some merchandise at the Higher gig then make sure to check it all out online.

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